Sunday, April 28, 2013

Incredible pork chops

Today was a homey, lazy kinda day.  I struggle though with getting on here and writing.  That has never been my strong point.  I was never any good at journaling either.

Visited a few friends for short periods to say hi and get caught up.  I have been helping a friend organize for a trip and help her get her schedule organized.  She feels overwhelmed with all the details and I tried to give her some tips to help her remember all the things that she has to do and the timeline to do it in.

I got to see "my daughter" today.  This child who is my daughter is being raised by Gramma because Mom got in trouble.  She spent the afternoon at the pool and then hanging on the couch, texting away.  I remember when she got her first cell phone and it had a keypad and her fingers would fly on that phone.  Not so anymore with her new touch screen.

Dinner was an every day kinda day.  But I have to tell you I made this marinade for some boneless loin pork chops and put them on my little electric grill.  OMG!  They were to die for tender and juicy and full of flavor.

I can't give you any amounts but this is what went into my marinade:

Olive Oil
Worcestershire Sauce
Soy Sauce
Dijon mustard
Garlic salt
powdered thyme, oregano and sage (generous amounts)

The majority of the marinade was the olive oil, dijon and the herbs.  When the meat was done it was very herby but incredible.

I forgot to take pics but we sliced them thin and they are all gone!

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