Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Choosing to have a great day!

I am in sales, telephone sales as many of you already know!  It can be a struggle and when times are tough your confidence takes a big hit.  So I have some great influencers in my life who have shown me time and again that you can make your day what you want it to be!

So with that in mind I have been working on my attitude!  As if!  No seriously, with feeding myself positive messages and paying attention to successful people at work I am S L O W L Y working on my outlook and it is affecting my performance.  (When I am at work!)

Enough of that!

I didn't cook today!  It was too late and besides I had lots of leftovers from Memorial Day so I didn't have to worry!

What are my latest at home projects?  Well I still knit booties for charity and I have a bag of about 30 pairs.  Gonna have to make delivery to the Women's Resource Center soon!  Since my camera has killed my batteries I don't have any pics to offer yet.

I created an Etsy shop and uploaded my "Lost My Marbles" beaded marbles tassle necklace pattern for sale and immediate download.  Now I have to get it together and photo all the great little things that I knit, crochet, sew, bead etc for sale!

Know anyone who is having a baby?  I have a beautiful hand knitted blanket, bonnet and bootie set for baby!  I have some lavender sachets, some knitted IPhone covers/cases and will be getting them up on the site!

If you would like to visit my Etsy shop you will find it here  http://www.etsy.com/shop/EarlasBeadsNSuch

That's enough for now!  See you in my next post!

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